Samstag, 10. Mai 2014

It's bead soup party again....

.....and I'm so happy to participate now for the third time.
This time I'm having a german exchange partner, the wonderful Sylvia Luperger.
Take a look at her Blog and Dawanda shop, she is very creative and makes marvellous jewellery.

And this is my bead soup I got from her.

And there where so many beaded bead which I really love a lot. Sylvia, thanks a lot for this wonderful bead soup!

I used all of her sent beads and put some extra from my lampwork beads and made this really long necklace. My plan was to make a necklace that I can wear in different ways. I'd like to wear it over a long summerdress or with the clasp in front in combination with a T-Shirt or blouse.

I'm very sorry for the bad pictures. I had a complete break down of my laptop a few days a go. I got a new one but I'm not finished with my set up. I promise to change the pictures when my picture program is on again.

And here is the link to the Blogs of all participants of the 9th bead soup party.

Cheers and have a lot of fun!